Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Im in total love with the 3rd Chapter of Chanel's new diamonds ad campaign on their website.
It tells the story of gabrielle Chanel launching her incredible diamond collection in 1932.
Making a revolution using diamonds like never before. This was her one and only diamond collection though after a lot of dismissal from powerful men.

The new Collection is inspired from her old Collection.


All Photo credit goes to Chanel

ps. they all make great wallpapers on your screen and phones . xx

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Macarons in Hamburg City

Today after cutting my hair I was browsing Europe's longest and Hamburgs ( Germany ) most famous weekly market- The Isemarkt. It is an almost 1 kilometer long market in the area called Eppendorf.
So I was walking by and saw this little macaron stand. 

I only knew them from Paris and a few other spots around the world. I was really suprised how good they were. I got six for 5 € what's a pretty good deal compared to the horrendous paris prices ;)
If you ever 'round hamburg go check them out. They are a super sweet gift idea and taste very delicious and sophisticated.

OPENING hours.
8 AM to 2 PM

"Between the subway stations of the U3-line between Eppendorfer Baum and Hoheluft"

"Although parking in the surroundings is usually free (except at Eppendorfer Baum), we strongly recommend to use public transport. Parkingplaces are scarse in Eppendorf. The subway stations Eppendorfer Baum and Hoheluft of the U3-line (Yellow line) are literally a stone's throw away from the Isemarkt."

Saturday, January 05, 2013


I found this awesome mashup of the hottest songs in 2012.
It immediately pushed some memories for me. What about you guys.
I really love this!


happy new year // 2013

I wish everyone a fantastic new year and a good fortune. So excited what 2013 brings.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012


"A figure by Roy Lichtenstein representing a hand with a pistol. This cover was released after the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. It demanded a legislation about restricting the arms sales."

 "After the horrific incident of 9/11, The New Yorker paid tribute to the victims through this artistic cover.   Ad Reinhardt’s Black on Black art provided inspiration to Franoise Mouly and Art Spiegelman who drew this sketch."

 Billboard Magazine had an amazing cover creating the number of the most influental tweeters with feathers of " birds "

"The latest issue of TAR, a bi-annual art magazine features Kate Moss on the cover as well as what her face may look like on the inside according to artist Damien Hirst."

"One of the most iconic of Art Director George Lois's creations, the May 1969 cover of Esquire juxtaposed the celebration of pop culture while deconstructing celebrity. The image of a drowning Andy Warhol was a friendly spoof of the artist's famous Campbell Soup artwork, a pervading symbol of the Pop Art movement."

by Hattie Stewart

"Fiasco is a monthly print and digital unisex fashion, arts, and lifestyle magazine that has quickly grown in popularity since its first issue. They are always on the lookout for up-and-coming talent and this magazine cover is a perfect example of that. With photography by Phillip Meech, Fiasco commissioned illustrator Hattie Stewart to doodle all over it. Stylist and art director Hope Von Joel is responsible for the impeccable design."


Wallpaper* have always been known to impress with their magazine covers and this collaboration with illustrator Noma Bar is no exception. This cover is not a simple illustration but room sets painted in a three-dimensional studio and enhanced with actual products from each of the territories featured in this Global Design issue. Stunning work!

 “Skin Deep,” by Barry Blitt, pays homage to the Norman Rockwell painting “The Tattoo Artist.”

“Mitt Romney looks like he stepped out of one of those pictures. It’s not much of a stretch to imagine him in many of the wholesome, enduring American situations Rockwell painted. The family in the station wagon before and after their vacation could easily be the Romneys and their five sons (with dog overhead). 

It’s also not hard to imagine Mitt in college garb—in one of those Rockwell vignettes—cutting that fellow-student’s hair as his buddies held the boy down.”
“ ‘The Tattoo Artist’ features a sailor with a long list of girlfriends’ inked names crossed out on his arm,” he said. “This seemed like a nice tableau for highlighting Mitt the politician’s shifting positions and convictions.”

Monday, November 26, 2012


We all see them. But do we all have one moment to have a closer look? What's that on the cover?
Who is that? Interesting hidden things and much more can be found and appreciated. We will look for the coolest and most interesting covers of 2012 so far and of all time.

From now on our themed weeks gonna start on a day you call a bastard!
Yay the weekend is officially over -  Monday!  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Have you ever wondered , how Santa is looking like on vacation?
Well here he is ! Ready for you to cuddle him for better presents this xmas.
Awesome Christmas Decoration or even for all year long! He can be your dog's companion aswell ;)

Artist: Mimi Kirchner

Saturday, November 17, 2012


#1 Recycled & Upcycled

Christmas is not always about buying expensive decorations all the time. This year christmas reflect concerns about the environment. 

The best part about the recycle Christmas movement is that there is no limit to it!
It all depends on your imagination and creativity. You can recycle or upcycle almost anything for example you can cut old magazines into Christmas trees, turn a  coke can to colorful ornaments or even turn you old CDs into decoration. 


Well this trend saves money and boost up your Christmas spirit. Get together with your love ones and  just make you own Christmas decoration. Its definitely goes well with the RECYCLE & UPCYCLE movement.

#3 Colours

Last year purple was in and this year it still is! Together with traditional white and red. You can upgrade purple with gold to give it that extra classy and noble look or combine white with silver. 

Just get your old stuff from the basement and decorate your home and invite your neighbors over to impress them( or make them envy ).

Moodboard from Christmas 2011, but it could have been for  2012 as well.

What ever you do, just make yourself cosy at home and enjoy Christmas with your love ones!

Friday, November 16, 2012


+ artwareeditions.com chicken

Don't you hate all the boring ornaments on your grandparents's christmas tree? Well I do! This year I'm having my own little christmas tree and it's gonna be gorgeous 2.0.

Since I am a designer myself I especially love the Pantone colours ornaments. You can get these on Amazon! But aswell the bad bitches disney ones are super faboulous and the Delicate glass baubles which are actually replica hand grenades.

          What are your favourite ones? HO HO HO.


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