Saturday, November 17, 2012


#1 Recycled & Upcycled

Christmas is not always about buying expensive decorations all the time. This year christmas reflect concerns about the environment. 

The best part about the recycle Christmas movement is that there is no limit to it!
It all depends on your imagination and creativity. You can recycle or upcycle almost anything for example you can cut old magazines into Christmas trees, turn a  coke can to colorful ornaments or even turn you old CDs into decoration. 


Well this trend saves money and boost up your Christmas spirit. Get together with your love ones and  just make you own Christmas decoration. Its definitely goes well with the RECYCLE & UPCYCLE movement.

#3 Colours

Last year purple was in and this year it still is! Together with traditional white and red. You can upgrade purple with gold to give it that extra classy and noble look or combine white with silver. 

Just get your old stuff from the basement and decorate your home and invite your neighbors over to impress them( or make them envy ).

Moodboard from Christmas 2011, but it could have been for  2012 as well.

What ever you do, just make yourself cosy at home and enjoy Christmas with your love ones!

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